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About Carta

Established in 1958, Carta is a privately held company that has been and still is Israel’s leading cartographic firm. Carta has been supplying maps and mapping services to government agencies and private firms, universities and scholars, commercial enterprises and institutions, and newspapers and magazines since its inception.

Carta’s maps and atlases serve every conceivable need: school atlases; country and city maps; tourist guides; historical, political and other thematic maps, and CD-ROMs, to mention only a few. Today Carta’s map bank contains well over three thousand distinctive, mainly historical maps.

Among Carta’s trail-blazing efforts was the creation of the monumental 12-volume Historical Atlas of Israel and the Jewish People, from biblical times to the present. Atlases of the Middle East; Russia and the independent Republics; South America; and others followed. Carta also published the official Atlas of Israel for the Government Survey of Israel. Most of these titles have been translated into different languages, most notably, The Carta Bible Atlas into ten languages.

Recently Carta published the highly acclaimed The Sacred Bridge : Carta’s Atlas of the Biblical World by Anson F. Rainey and R. Steven Notley; Greatness Grace & Glory : Carta’s Atlas of Biblical Biography by Paul H. Wright, a devout work based on the life and deeds of the Bible’s most prominent people; and three archaeological field guides – Qumran , Masada and Ein Gedi – by noted scholar Hanan Eshel. Carta has its own distribution in North America and is well connected with major publishers worldwide.

However, cartography and maps constitute only part of its publishing program. Carta’s main thrust in conventional publishing is towards the creation of modern encyclopedias on various subjects. Outstanding among them, the unique, 4-volume The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land , in both English and Hebrew, Carta’s one-volume general Encyclopedia, specialized dictionaries, other learning materials and, to a growing extent, leisure activities.

Today, Carta is 100 percent computerized and, as the need arises, is converting earlier analog matter to digital to satisfy a rapidly growing demand. With its rich past, accumulated experience and expertise, and blessed with both experienced and young, computer-savvy staff, nothing can be more natural than Carta expanding into electronic data supply in its chosen fields.

About Carta